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Dreame XR Premium Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

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Dreame XR Premium is a powerful handheld wireless vacuum cleaner with 4-motor direct drive, intelligent system, stronger suction force, and longer battery life!

4-motor direct drive: can provide strong and stable suction force and better clean performance.

MES(Motor and Endurance and air-cooling cooperative system): an intelligent three-party collaborative system, composed of a power source-motor, an energy source-electric and an air-cooling self-regulating system-SmartCool. All these elements make this product a stronger suction force and longer battery life.

Large apartment full-scene cleaning mode:60-min long lasting battery, and 5-in-1 meet design, can meet all house-cleaning demands.


4-motor direct drive and MES system which first used in Dreame’s products.


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