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Dreame V9 Cordless Stick Vacuum

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Powerful and Long-lasting Suction

120AW Suction Power, 20,000 PA Vacuum Suction

Dreame V9 Powerful suction (120AW Suction Power, 20,000Pa Strong Wind)
Dreame V9 Powerful suction (120AW Suction Power, 20,000Pa Strong Wind)
Dreame V9 Powerful suction (120AW Suction Power, 20,000Pa Strong Wind)

Upgraded Performance

Dreame V9 cordless vacuum cleaner specification
22000 Pa Vacuum Suction
0.9999 Dust Seperation Efficiency
60 min Max Run-time
1.5 Kg Net Weight
3.5 Hours Charging Time
120 AW Suction Power

21-Year's Technology Sedimentation

Easy to handle heavy cleaning duty

up to 60 min Run-time

60 MinutesStandard Mode 26 MinutesEfficient Mode 8 MinutesStrong Mode

SMART COOL Air-Cooling System Design

Ensure Long-lasting Run-time

Multi-clone Cyclone Separation Technology

No Clogging Ensures Strong Suction

Five-stage Filtering , High Efficiency

Better Battery, Longer Run-time
Dreame V9 long battery five-fold filtering
Hepa FilterThe Fifth Filter,
Discharging Clean Air
High Density SpongeThe Fourth Further Filter
Stopping Fine Dust
Multi-cone Cyclone SystemThe Third Filter
Intercepting Dust Particles
Metal Net FilterThe Second Filter
Stopping Large Particles
Cyclone FilterThe First Filter
Dealing with Large Particles

Powerful, long-lasting suction gives a wonderful cleaning experience.

Dreame V9's 60 min battery life

60min Run-time

400m2 area cleaning, no corner left.

Dreame V9 rear moter easy for pushing, pulling, lifting

Easier Use by Rear Motor

It's more convenient to push, pull and lift because of the
rear-positioned motor and other important components.

Different Brush Heads and Tools
for Different Cleaning Scenarios

2-in-1 Brush

Couches & Bedding Cleaning

Mite Removal Brush

Remove mites, debris and allergens

Soft Turbine Brush

Floors and Carpets Cleaning

2-in-1 Flat Brush

Narrow places & keyboards cleaning

Package List

Dreame V9 cordless vacuum cleaner accessories

Product Specification

Product Name  Dreame Wireless Vacuum Cleaner
 Model Number V9
 Rated Voltage 25.2V
 Rated Power 400W
 Battery Capacity 2500mAh
 Net Weight 1.5KG
 Charging Time 3.5h
 Dustcup Capacity 0.5L
 Motor Space 3.0 Turbo Brushless Digital Motor
 Run-time 60 minutes under 'Standard Mode'
 Suction Power 140AW
Filter System Five-fold Filteration

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