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A Smart Robot and a Truly Powerful Vacuum Cleaner

Equipped with a powerful Japanese Nidec brushless motor

Dreame F9 robot vauum cleaner (8cm thin, 2500Pa suction, 150min runtime, path planning)
8cm Ultra-Thin Design
2500Pa Super
Strong Suction
Pioneer 2.0 Visual
Excellent Battery Life
up to 150min
Dynamic Path Planning
Dreame F9 Visual Navigation 2.0(map memory, learning and exploration, selected cleaning, virtual wall barriers)

Visual Navigation 2.0

Map Memory
Upgraded learning and
Automatic room recognition
Different/selected area cleaning
Set virtual wall barriers through software
Smart, dynamic path planning

Sweep Dust at a Micron-Level

Take care of all types of dirt and allergens

0.1mm Flexible Microfiber Roller Brush
High-speed 190rpm Side Brush
Two-layer Dustbin and Filtration System
Large Capacity Dustbin of 600ml
Dreame F9 intelligent charging

An “Off-Road” Machine

Equipped with 14 sets of sensors, adapts to complicated environment

Dreame F9 route planning when cleaning the carpet
Route planning when cleaning the carpet
Dreame F9 infrared sensors to detect obstacles
8 sets of infrared sensors to detect obstacles
Dreame F9 infrared sensors to detect obstacles
Sensors to avoid sudden drops
Dreame F9 ARM for mapping

5 New Advanced Mapping Functions

Efficient Route Planning, Customize the Way You Clean

  • Map Memory and Area Partition

    Know your layout and plan route accordingly

    Dreame F9 map memory and area partition
  • Cleaning of Selected Areas

    Customized cleaning tasks can be performed within a small area

    Dreame F9 cleaning of selected areas
  • Virtual wall barriers settings through software

    Set restricted areas to ensure a smooth operation

    Dreame F9 virtual wall barriers settings
  • Cleaning of Different Areas

    Clean room by room, with no repetition and omission

    Dreame F9 cleaning of different areas
  • Rename Rooms

    Customized cleaning tasks can be performed within a small area

    Dreame F9 rename rooms
90min of
wet mopping
Active water control, Precision anti-leakage
317mm-wide Mop Larger mopping area for each usage
Dreame F9 three levels of water flow (low, medium, high)

Remotely Manage Cleaning on APP

You’re Just One Tap Away from a Spotless Life

Dreame F9 remotely cleaning management on app

Product Specification

Product Name  Dreame F9 Robot Vacuum
 Size 350 x 350 x 80mm
 Rated Power 40W
 Battery Capacity 5200mAh
 Weight 1.5KG
 Motor Japanese NIDEC High-Speed Motor
 RunTime 150min
 Suction Power 2500Pa
Maximum Dustbin Capacity 600ml

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