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Cordless Vacuum Cleaner V9P

  • 1. Space3.0 brushless digital motor spins up to 100,000rpm per minute. It generates 120AW and 20,000 Pa suction. Capture the deep-down dirt or hair thoroughly.

    2. Multiple cyclones separator function: the small cyclones each genrate powerful force in filling 99.99% dust or pollen into the bin.

    3. Motor Behind the main body can move the center of gravity backward and make it lighter and more flexible when pushing, pulling and lifting.

    4. Large roller electric brush equipped with an independent motor, efficient cleaning of all kinds of particles, dust and hair and other dirt. Large roller brush with comb teeth can effectively prevent hair from winding, open easy suction mode.

    5. The cleaner head built-in independent motor to remove the dead skin from sheets, which is effective in preventing allergies. And also remove all dirtes on your sheet, which make sure that you can always sleep well on your totally clean bed.

    6. Easy to empty, just press the button to release the dirt.


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