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Powerful and long-lasting suction

120AW Suction Power, 20,000Pa Strong Wind

Upgrade and Iteration

22000 Pa Vacuum Suction
99.99% Dust Seperation Efficiency
Up to 60 min Vacuum Suction
1.5 Kg Weighted
3 Hours Charging Time
120 AW Suction Power

21-year Technology Sedimentation

Easy to handle heavy cleaning duty

Up to 60 minutes Running Time

60 MinutesStandard Mode 30 MinutesEfficiency Mode 10 MinutesStrong Mode

SMART COOL Air Cooling System Design

Guarantee Long Lasting Battery

Multi-clone cyclone Separation Technology

Non-Clogged Air Dust Ensures Longer Strong Suction

Five-fold Filtering and High Efficient

Longer Battery Life,Healthier Life Style
Hepa FilterThe Fifth Filter,
Discharge the Clean Air
High Density SpongeThe Fourth Further Filter
Fine Dust to Protect HEPA
Multi-Cone Cyclone SeperationThe Third Filter
Intercepts the Dirt Particles
Metal Net FilterThe Second Filter
Primary Interception
1st Grade Cyclone FilterThe First Filter
Seperation of Large Particles

Powerful, long-lasting suction and considerate designs deliver a comfort house cleaning experience.

Cleaning area of 400 square meters,
strong modes for 9 minutes,
clean no dead ends.

Optimized installation position of motor
and other important components makes
it easier to perform pushing, pulling,
lifting and other actions.

Different Brush Heads and Tools

for Different Cleaning Scenarios

Two-in-one Brush
Fabrics Cleaning Couches,Bedding and Cars
Mite Removal Brush
Bedding Cleaning/
Removing Mites
Remove Mites
Debres and Allergen
Soft cashmere Turbine Brush
Floor Cleaning Floors and Carpets
Electric Mite Removal Brush
Gaps Cleaning Couch Gaps, Ceilings
Pendant Lamps,Curtains

In the Box

Product Parameters

Product Name  Dreame Wireless Vacuum Cleaner
 Model Number V9P
 Rated Voltage 25.2V
 Rated Power 400W
 Battery Capacity 2500mAh
 Product Weight 1.5KG
 Charging Time 3.5h
 Dust Cup Capacity 0.5L
 Motor Space 3.0 Turbo Brushless Digital Motor
 Running Time 60 Minutes under Energy Saving Mode
 Suction Power 140AW
Filter System Five-fold Filteration

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