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OLD Vacuum Cleaner V10 Boreas

  • 1. The new enhanced motor, based on the Dreame’s Space 3.0 Brushless Motor which features 100,000RPM, is equipped with turbo enhanced motherboard to improve the motor efficiency; with precise circuit optimized, its operating power now reach up to 450w, allowing the 100,000RPM motor to unleash great potential.

    2. Powerful suction dislodges ground-in dirt. Record keeper of 60-minute run-time. Run-time under ‘Strong Mode’ increased by another 25%

    3. Easy to tackle large houses. 2500mAh battery capacity to provide sufficient power

    4. Monitor the battery and current in real time and adjust the power supply by working with the more efficient Space 3.0turbo enhanced motor to achieve reasonable ratio of power. As a result, the machine can work effectively for 60 minutes and improve the run-time under ‘Strong Mode’ by another 25%.

    5. The finely designed exhaust passage can drive strong airflow through the motor and battery unit to realize efficient real-time cooling, so as to ensure a more ideal working condition for the motor and battery unit.

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