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Dreame V11

Dreame V11's 3000mAh battery for 90-min runtime
Floor Cleaning Table Cleaning Curtains Cleaning Sofa Cleaning
Dreame V11 strong performance powered by key technology

Upgrade with Improved Functions and Systems

New Functions, Smart Cleaning

Aviation-level Motor

All-In-One OLED Display

Highly Efficient System with PAC Motor

7-Stage Noise Reduction

Dreame V11 cordless stick vacuum creating a long-lasting power cleaning solution
25000 Pa Vacuum Suction
450 W Operating power
90 min Maximum Run Time
1.6 Kg Weight
4 Hours Charging Time
150 AW Suction power
Attachments of the Dreame V11
Extension Hose
Connection Hose
2-in-1 Charging Dock
V11 Main Body
Roller Brush
2-in-1 Flat Brush
Removal Brush
2-in-1 Brush
Cyclone Filter
Hepa Filter

Accessories for All Scenarios

Multiple Choices for All Your Cleaning Needs

Soft Roller Brush

For Floors Cleaning

Mite Removal Brush

For Bedding/Sofa Cleaning

2-in-1 Brush

For Furniture Cleaning

2-in-1 Flat Brush

For Narrow Places Cleaning

Ergonomic Design

One click to empty Dreame V11 dustbin

Empty the Dustcup with a Single Press of the Botton

Dreame V11 is easy to dismantle and install, easy to switch with handy buckles

Easy to dismantle and install
Easy switch with handy buckles

Dreame V11's washable filters and roller brushes

Washable filters and roller brushes
Reusable and efficient

Product Specification

Product Name   Dreame Cordless Vacuum V11
 Type VVNP
 Rated Voltage  25.2V
 Rated Power  450W
 Battery Capacity  3000mAh
 Net Weight 1.6KG
 Charging Time 4 Hours
 Motor  Dreame Space 4.0 Hide-speed Motor
 Run Time  Up to 90 minutes
 Suction Power  150AW
 Vacuum Degree  Up to 22kPa
Filtration System 12-cone Cyclone Self-cleaning, 5-level Filtration
Maximum Dustcup Capacity 0.5L
Dreame cordless vacuum cleaner V11

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